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2024 Performing Artists


Toki started playing the koto at the age of three. Her mother who was a koto master, taught her how to play the instrument. She also began studying under her uncle, who was the head of the koto school at the time.  Over the years, she has performed at many concerts. She is a certified master and teacher of the koto.Additionally, Toki started playing the piano at the age of three and majored in the piano while in high school.  She will be accompanied by her son, Licht, on the flute.



Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai

We are a cultural organization that has been serving the Okinawan community for over 50 years. The Sanshin is a traditional 3-stringed instrument made from snake skin and wood. Shisa, are traditional wards, believed to protect from evil spirits. At the festival  we would like to show Okinawan drumming dance, Classic dance, and a traditional lion dance called Shishi-Mai. We hope you enjoy the show!



Fort Wayne Taiko was established in 1997, a program of the Fort Wayne Dance Collective, and was the first performing taiko group in Indiana and is still one of the few in the Midwest.  Taiko is a Japanese musical tradition that means “big drum”.  The characteristic beat  of Taiko is achieved through choreographed arm movements as drummers “dance” their sticks from drum to drum. 

taiko photo-ss.jpg

Tea Ceremony, the ritualized preparation and presentation of matcha, a powdered green tea, will be demonstrated  in Ura Senke Style.

Classical Guitarist Dr. Daniel Quinn has been an active performer for over forty years. He has performed as a soloist in numerous concerts and recitals around the United States, Canada, and Japan. Dan completed his B.M., M.M., and D.M. in classical guitar performance at the Indiana University school of music in Bloomington Indiana under Ernesto Bitetti. Daniel has also been an instructor of guitar for thirty-five years at colleges such as Indiana University - Bloomington, Huntington College, University of St. Francis, University of Indianapolis, and the Tokyo College of Music. He currently teaches at St. Mary’s and Holy Cross colleges in Notre Dame Indiana, and at Indiana University South Bend, as well as at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne. Dan is a native of Fort Wayne, raised in the Saint Johns and Bishop Luers community on the south side. He has been married for 25 years and has three adult children.  


Kendama is a popular Japanese skill toy.  Mike Tsugawa, a 3rd Dan in the Japanese Kendama Association, will demonstrate tricks and techniques. Mike has taught Japanese at Michigan City High School since 2002, and was recognized as Teacher of the year by the Indiana Foreign Language Teacher Association in 2016.


SPIRIT BOMB is an explosive Anime tribute band known for their unforgettable live concert experiences. If you are a fan of Anime, Cosplay and Japanese Culture; then you don't want to miss this! Get ready to dance and sing along to your favorite hits, fueled by stunning visuals.

Since 2022, SPIRIT BOMB has appeared at anime conventions across the US as well as hosting their “ANIME MUSIC EXPERIENCE” concerts in major city markets. In 2023, SPIRIT BOMB opened for the breakthrough Japanese Female Rock band HANABIE on their first US tour and debuted their first original single, “Asai Yume,” available for streaming worldwide.

Join SPIRIT BOMB on this epic journey as they celebrate the magic of Anime through the power of music.

Check us out at

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Fort Wayne Suzuki Strings offers instruction in violin, viola, and cello to students age 3 and older.   Suzuki string students learn through the "Mother Tongue Method" first developed by Shinichi Suzuki. This concept is based on the way children learn to speak, which is first by hearing the music, then learning to read and write it. We have violin, viola, and cello students, ranging in age from 7 to 15 playing today.

Fort Wayne Children’s Choir, Chamber Singers, provides a choral program exemplifying artistic and educational excellence for children from diverse backgrounds.  Over 300 students participate in the choir, which contributes to the community’s cultural environment.  FWCC is proud to represent 88 different schools in addition to 29 home school groups from 8 north east Indiana and northwest Ohio counties.

IN Genbu-Kai Dojo March 2023(1)-sm.jpg

Japan Karate-Do Genbukai of Indiana.   It offers traditional Japanese karate and kobudo classes for children and adults. The Genbu-Kai is an international organization that encompasses 32 countries and thousands of members. Our program teaches karate-do. Karate is a form of self-defense that uses all parts of the body, while Do is character development; both aspects are viewed as equally important.

PFW Japanese Club will be performing  a Japanese folk dance-a  Soran Bushi dance. This is a fishermen’s dance and one of Bon festival dances from Hokkaido. It will be danced by 5 PFW students.


 Gotokukan of Indianapolis  (Kendo) follows the principles of budo and the way of the sword. They teach students of all ages the traditional Japanese art of kendo, passed down through Imafuji-sensei, Renshi 6-Dan, from his sensei in Japan.  Kendo teaches one not just to swing the sword, but how to use the body, the mind, and the spirit in harmony to overcome your opponents and any challenges that lay before you.

Fort Wayne Dance Collective was founded in 1979, and it is their mission to inspire and empower people of all identities, abilities, and stages of life through the movement arts. FWDC, home of Fort Wayne Taiko, brought the Japanese Folk Dance Institute of NY to Fort Wayne for a residency and dance performance in the Fall of 2023.  At the festival, you will be seeing a traditional folk dance called Nishimonai Bon Odori, taught to Dance Collective Company members by JFDINY.  You will also see a dance for a piece called Ei Ja Nai Ka, written by Pj Hirabayashi from San Jose taiko. It's a Bon Odori dance using movements from everyday farming and sea life, as well as mining.
                                                     - Photo by Rachel Von Stroup
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May 19, 2024



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