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Anime Drawing Contest

Location: Skybridge on the 2nd floor between Walb Student Union and Helmke Library.


Draw a favorite anime character or create original art. Prizes will be awarded for fan art and original art in several age categories (elementary school age children through adult).


Artworks must be drawn at the festival on the provided paper. No tracing or light boards, please. Seating is limited.  Drawing time will be from noon to 3:30 PM. 


Winners will be announced at 5:30 PM in the International Ballroom. 



Register online or at the Walb Student Union side of the Skybridge - Noon to 4:30

Mustering of the participants for the Competition will begin at 4:45 in the International Ballroom. The Competition itself will begin at 5:00.

Online registration is available, starting May 1st through Friday, May 20th. 


Location: International Ballroom.

Cosplay, a contraction of “costume play”, is a performance art in which participants wear costumes to represent a specific character, often manga or anime, and interact to express their characters. To participate, wear your costume for the duration of the festival, sign up at the festival for the contest, and then take your turn onstage to express your character. Prizes will be awarded.

All entrants will be photographed, and photographs may be used for future promotions.

Online Cosplay Registration will end on May 20

•All entrants in the Cosplay Competition must be related to some facet of Japanese culture (manga, anime, historical, cultural, J-Pop/J-Rock, video games, etc.)

•Entrants will be judged on three criteria: costume, presentation and style. Costume is based on the quality of the costume and how well it matches the character being presented. Presentation is based on the quality of the stage presentation. Style is based on how well the entrant reproduces or recreates the character being presented.

•Past first place winners may not compete in subsequent caompetitions using the same winning costume.

•Group entries are limited to 6 people maximum: only one form is needed per group.

•Presentations are limited to 30 seconds.

•Presentations, including language and thematic content, must be limited to a PG rating.

•All decisions of the judges are final.

•Please do not leave anything on stage when you exit.


Students of all ages from elementary through college may participate in the Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku contest. Visit the Haiku Room, WU G21, until 4:15 to write and submit a haiku to be considered for the on-site award. Winners may read their haikus and receive monetary awards at 5:15 in the ballroom.

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