Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne 2022 Marketplace


Come wander through the Festival Marketplace in the Great Hall of the Main Library or the Outdoor plaza to see a wide variety of merchandise for sale. Here you will have the golden opportunity to do shopping as if you were in Japan.  Vendors will offer such items as:  traditional kimonos (with free lessons on how to wear one with purchase); manga, Japanese trading cards, games,  anime and cosplay memorabilia;  traditional souvenirs such as chopsticks, green tea,  and origami creations; Bonsai (miniature sculptured trees) and Bonsai pruning demonstrations; T-shirts; hand made Kanzashi hair accessories, Harakuju accessories, chibi anime figures  Japanese giftware and kendama toys.


Vendors that will be selling merchandise include: Ohio Kimono; the Fort Wayne Bonsai Club; YamerproBooks,  Comics, and Things;

Daisuki Imports;  Asian Styles; and Japanese Saturday School.  


  • Note:  Most vendors will be able to accept credit cards, but some require cash only.  

  • The Marketplace will be open during the festival hours of 12:00pm noon to 5:00pm.

  • All sales must be finalized before 5:00 pm.

  • Several items are one of a kind or handmade specialties, so they sell quickly. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping.  

  • Prices in the Marketplace vary from very expensive to very inexpensive.  Our Cherry Blossom Festival Committee has made sure that items are available to fit everyone’s budget.  


Featured Market Place Shop: Ohio Kimono

We are excited to announce that Ohio Kimono will be selling at the Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne once more! Ohio Kimono offers a large selection of authentic Japanese kimono, imported directly from Kyoto, Japan. The selection of kimono ranges from rare antiques dating back to the Taisho period, to modern brand new yukata ideal for wearing at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Ohio Kimono also offers a full range of kimono accessories including kanzashi, Uchiwa paddle fans, obi, haori, and more!

For more information visit the Ohio Kimono website at: